Morag Williamson
Morag Williamson is a long-standing ATP committee member, and represents ATP Scotland at the European Federation of Psychology Teachers’ Associations (EFPTA), where she is also Secretary of the Board.
Having taught psychology in schools and colleges in Scotland and England for more years than she cares to remember, she is passionate about promoting psychology education as part of the core curriculum for all young people. 

The ATPS is the Scottish branch of the UK Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP). Scotland has a long and illustrious history of the study of human behaviour and experience, including most notably David Hume's "Treatise of Human Nature" in the 1730s. Following the introduction of Psychology courses, the ATPS was established in 2001 as a branch of its parent association, the ATP (UK).

In Scotland we have approximately 30 members, who are school teachers and college lecturers from as far afield as the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland, the south-west and Borders, as well as from the main centres of population - Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

ATPS holds a one-day CPD event every year, usually in September. It is organised by the ATPS team which has a representative on the ATP (UK) committee.

One day CPD
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