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European Federation of Psychology Teacher Associations

EFPTA was established in March 2004 in Helsinki and members mainly comprise psychology teachers' associations in Europe: in 2018, the member countries are Denmark, England & Wales, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Iceland, Scotland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. There are also several individual members and affiliated organisations, notably in Russia and Spain.

EFPTA had a strong presence at the flagship European Psychology Learning and Teaching (EuroPlat) conference, held in September 2017 in Salzburg, against a backdrop of the fabulous scenery of the Austrian Alps! EFPTA members Lenka Sokolová (Slovakia), Morag Williamson (Scotland) and Jock McGinty (England & Wales) gave a symposium on "Journeys to psychology: different perspectives on pre-tertiary teaching of psychology in Europe". In the chair was Prof. Dr. Stephan Dutke, Chair of the EFPA Board of Educational Affairs, which hosted the session jointly with EFPTA. The presentations were followed by Q & A, and lively discussion amongst delegates!

If you are a psychology teacher or you are interested in teaching psychology, we want to hear from you, so please contact us!


We organise a major conference every two years, with attendance by around 60-100 psychology teachers and students from a dozen countries. The most recent EFPTA Conference was in Reykjavik in April 2018. The next conference will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2021.

EFPTA 2020 Bratislava 15-18th April 2021.

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Thank you to everyone who participated - keynote speakers, workshop presenters, and all delegates! Psychology teachers and others interested in psychology education at pre-university / high school level, from 14 countries, gathered to discuss and share information, expertise and ideas on teaching psychology to young people. 

The theme was 'Psychology for everyone - the value of psychology education for young people' and the event was hosted by the Icelandic psychology teachers’ association - Samtöksálfræði- oguppeldisfræðikennara. One of the highlights of the Conference was an excellent presentation by Icelandic high school students. 

If you missed this EFPTA Conference, make sure you don't miss the next one - watch this space for news of EFPTA 2021! 

15-18th April 2021
New EFPTA President and Officers elected for 2019-2021

At the spring 2019 Board meeting in Prague on 6 April 2019, EFPTA officers were elected: the new President is Lenka Sokolová (Slovakia), Vice-President is Mette Lohmann Eggertsen (Denmark), Treasurer is Wolfgang Augustin (Germany) and Secretary is Morag Williamson (Scotland). In the photo, left to right: Morag, Lenka, Mette, Wolfgang.

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