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1) Data Protection


The ATP store data about our members for the purposes of administration only. We will usually only contact you to send you the materials that comprise our membership benefits (for example, magazines), or with information that is relevant to our members (for example, information about conferences, or changes to our membership terms and conditions). On a very occasional basis, we may contact you to remind you to renew your membership, to update our records, for consultation or to evaluate our services to our members. If you prefer not to be contacted for these purposes, please let us know. We will never pass information about you on to other agencies or organisations except where necessary to deliver our services to members.


2) Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your annual subscription at any time, but it must be before the due date of your next subscription payment.  Retrospective cancellation is not possible and no refunds will be given.  Cancellation is a two step process: -

1) Email us at

2) Cancel your subscription with PayPal or cancel your standing order with your bank.

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